Eating Disorder/Distress

I offer specialised experience in finalising recovery from Eating Disorder/Distress

What is an Eating Disorder
The term “eating disorder” refers to a complex, potentially life-threatening condition, characterised by severe disturbances in eating behaviours.

Eating disorders have nothing to do with food as such but can be seen as a way of coping with emotional distress, or as a symptom of underlying issues. Eating Disorders can affect anyone.

There are many different types of Eating Disorder- yet the underlying issue is the same for all of them:
Hypersensitivity, complete disconnection from self and not being able to cope with life. A full recovery is very possible, can however take a long time. It is important to understand that due to the nature of the condition, the sufferer is not able to recover by him/herself and specialized treatment in conjunction with medical observation, is absolutely essential.