Numerology-Readings – Step into your power

What numbers tell want to tell you 
... and "How people really tick"

Let's look at the miracle of human life,, which begins at birth. We are born on a certain date and time and are given one or more first names and a family name. With this data we are assigned by the legislator and a birth certificate is issued. These letters and numbers determine our life day by day, on every piece of writing, on every document, but also to identify our personality based on the identity card up to our departure based on a death certificate.
So numbers seem to play an important role in our lives. We encounter numbers every day based on time, appointments, bookkeeping, grades & qualifications, but also numerical values ​​such as debit and credit and the age of mankind.

The realization that numbers also have a symbolic value is proven by our "internal clock" as a feeling. Just because you can't see the feeling doesn't mean we don't have a feeling. Numbers therefore not only have a meaning in our consciousness, but also have a very striking effect in our subconscious.

A personality analysis based on date of birth and name shows our true identity and what we can make of it. This numerology analysis cannot be manipulated, but it is calculable. It shows the operating instructions for one's life, in which competencies, potentials and deficits can be recognized in order to consciously get yourself back on the road to success.

Stay curious - it's worth it!