My name Is Natali Haas. I was born In Switzerland, where I spent the first 30 years of my life. My deep desire to get a more in-depth understanding of our human existence and its complications, how the human psyche works and also my own personal challenges, led me to wanting to explore questions such as…. 

What is the meaning of life?

Why do we have to struggle ?

How can we bring more happiness into our lives?

My own inner turmoil, the constant nagging feeling of “not belonging” and of “not fitting in” anywhere, my relentless inner drive to find meaning, depth and truth – I felt lost- haunted and deceived by my own unresolved issues, going down the “wrong” road a many times, always believing that this time my inner emptiness would be a thing of the past.  It was only when I understood that all my avenues of experience had  now been exhausted, all my attempts of distracting myself from my inner pain had failed, after I stopped looking outside, that I began to realise that there is no place left to go, but within.   

Hands down, the mantra of my practice and my own personal journey is this: I finally feel like myself.  Not entirely changed perhaps, but closer to the essence of my being.

Over and over and over again, I hear this phrase: I am becoming more and more myself. I am being liberated into my own truth and beingness.

I look back on the path I have travelled, and I say, yes it needed to be exactly this way. Nothing was bad. Nothing was wrong. Hard, maybe. Painful, sure. But I am not broken anymore. I am not diseased. And nothing is foregone a conclusion or an absolute certainty.

Only yourself can know you are on the path of self-actualisation – to get real, get well and get free. You will know when you are on it because you will feel the terrible pain and the glorious beauty of this life all at once, and you will feel – finally – feel.

I am an accredited member of The Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, IACP, as well as of The Academy for Eating Disorder, AED and SAI, Supervision Association of Ireland