Phytobiophysics is based on the Mossop Philosophy of healing – a technique that matches the vibration of plants and trees with that of healthy cells in the human body. Each cell, organ and system in the human body emits a frequency and light. When we are healthy, our cells dance in tune and vibrate at the
highest level. When our vibrations are lowered, due to emotional wounds, physical injury or trauma and depression, the energy in our cells diffuses and we fall deeply ill. However, by transmitting the harnessed vibrations of a range of trees and flowers into the physical body, cells become alive again and health is restored to the body.

All flowers vibrate at specific frequencies and emit specific colours: visualise a crisp white daisy, a warm yellow daffodil or a bright red poppy. By capturing the specific vibrations of a range of flowers, using the traditional sun method, and transferring to simple sugar pills, it is possible to introduce these energies to
the various cells and systems of the human body. Each part of the body corresponds to a specific vibration/colour and, therefore, flower formula.

The formulas, when ingested, instantly regulate the frequency of the human system which encourages the person’s own innate ability to heal on a very deep level.
They are very safe, even for babies and pets, have no side effects nor do they interfere with pharmaceutics.

In accordance with the client the use of Phytobiphysics® will be incorporated into the talk therapy, to speed up the clients therapeutic healing process.